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Born in Arizona. Son of an Arizona cattleman and an Illinois chicken farmer's daughter. One grandfather was a coal miner. Childhood pets included Dooner (that my parents manipulated me to name), Mitzi Fu, Mitzi Fu II, Squeaky, Stripes and a guinea pig named Nibbles, until coyote consumed it. In terms of mascots, went from being a Panther to a Tiger to a Spartan to an Artichoke to a Sun Devil. Married. Have a couple of child creatures.


The smell of plumeria, making faces, great movie quotes, watching the life of a terrestrial isopod, Lonesome Dove, laughing, collecting Wacky Packages in grade school, observing ocean waves, soft pretzels, Johnny Cash, frothy, The Wonder Years, stepping on bubble wrap, old baseball cards, always wondering why people still use handkerchiefs and put them back, a good deep breath, the smell of a Balboa Island cinnamon roll, the invention of the wedgie, riding a bike with no hands, Ben-Hur, enjoying life.